Camel love

Camels are nifty. There are 2 main kinds, but out here you can find the two-humped kind. :)
The Bactrian camel has two humps (like the letter B), a dark brown, thick, long-haired coat and hard feet which enable them to traverse difficult rocky ground. Camels have three eyelids, beautiful thick eyelashes, and contrary to rumor - they do not store water in their humps, but they store fat for scarce times. During sand storms, they can hold their nostrils shut to keep the sand out! Camels lie down to rest or sleep. Bactrian camels are endangered!

Down at Erdaoqiao Market (DaBazaar) there is a camel (or two) that is paraded around for tourists to take their photo with, or ride around the square. A great attraction! Our kids love to go see the camel, as they have named him "Happy!"